Attention all Mages of Lilus!

It is against the law to hide your magical ability and not apply to any school. Generally magically gifted are required and all have a responsibility to report and apply to a school to study magic and learn how to control it. Our wonderful city of Lilus offers two prestigious schools to get you started! This affiliation will heavily impact you and how you grow as a student throughout your journey.

Schools available are:

  1. Arcane Academy
  2. Arkas Arkives

These rival schools are located on opposite sides of the city and are both kept by two well known men.

Xern whom has saved our city from a life of unrest and fear from the sin monstrosities, oversees Arcane Academy. Many parents and students covet Arcane as it is one of the cities best combat orientated schools. Xern is a well trusted member of the community and lives within the inner sanctum. He has expressed great concern over the future of Lilus and has detailed plans to move forward that he has presented in the inner sanctum conference meetings.

Although his home is located here he is by no means not humble. Xern spends most of his day in the outer slums and taking care of his school. His vision is to provide a safe space for students to learn and provide ways to keep mages away from accidentally harming others. He also keeps detailed tabs on student magic growth and seems to understand the needs of every unique individual student at a glance. His level of expertise is nothing to gawk at and throughout the years of teaching and building this prestigious school he has gotten a wonderfully praised expectation from the city. Everyone seems to know Xern, and everyone seems to trust him.

Gaius on the other hand is a stranger who offers knowledge of the unknown and predicts a desire for more. Many people of Lilus don't trust the stranger and the weird monsters he keeps close to him. He claims he has seen a different world but people cannot understand why he insists that Lilus does not remember life before Xerns legacy in Lilus, to great extent. He spouts nonsensical stories and then rolls his eyes at the stories of the great Xern who has saved us all with his own immense magic.

His school has no reputation and many people doubt the level and quality of education, many parents seem to disagree on sending their child there. They only want the best and that is Arcane after all.

Gaius has stated his school is a hands on learning experience that focuses on real life exploration, theory, and knowledge. He claims that combat is not everything there is out there and guarantees he will protect students with his life. However many people of Lilus argue that he is just smoke and wind, he has no truth to backup his ridiculous claims or goals.

Note: Students must be affiliated with an academy to use the ability 'Unify' and to gain academic perks. Please specify these in your character sheet.

Individual school information:

Arkas Arkives

The mascot of Arkas Arkives is the Serpord, a snake like creature with six legs. Gaius mentions the Serpord is a loyal creature and is best at discovering new things. His loyal mount has been a Serpord for many months now and he would not ever regret taking his companion with him. He believes the creature is a symbol of overcoming hardship and becoming stronger in the pursuit of a collective goal.

Perks of joining the school are:

  • Crafting and other non-combat related proficiency level up twice as fast.
  • Crafting stations can be created and made for students of Arkive and be available in the lobby for students with support.
  • Questions about advanced herb collection, or recipes will be easier to gain answers to by teachers and the headmaster himself.
  • Travel and full inclusion of all Seire has to offer. This includes stories that may have been missed without a push.
  • More may be added

Headmaster perks

  • Soul Share: Gaius will give you a part of his soul to adventure with you. He can guide, talk to, and occasionally help fight if you get stuck.
  • Cleanse: Gaius will remove all cursed magic, links, status, and illusions from any student that enters his domain instantly.
  • Charity: Gauis may occasionally gift good students with appreciation presents when they do well, or he may share rewards from the town if the school finds something neat. This can include better dorm rooms or permissions/ranking in the Arkives.

Arcane Academy

Xern realized that the other new pathetic school had a mascot so he just shrugged and chose the 'Kippy' as their mascot, since that was the last mythological beast he had seen since he has been out. He really doesnt have any meaning towards choosing it but if asked he will say: 'the kippy decides who it is loyal to the moment it takes its first breath, a completely defenseless creature that can stare up at its own mother and immediately reject her when it decides she is unworthy. The Kippy is such a fascinating creature. It is a symbol of unbridled power and certainty, it is a creature so confident in itself that even in its own folly it dares not look down to the path it takes. It always looks straight ahead and bites everything head on, aiming at the throat with no hesitance each time. We at Arcane will not hesitate and we will produce students that are confident in their magic ability and can definitely handle anything that can come their way with complete control, master, and dominance over the art. If you were to ever get one of these as a gift it could mean a variety of things; the gifter either wants you to die, provide advice, or control you, warn them of something, or even prove your worth by allowing the sensitive and detrimentally picky creature to decide if you are for them. There are many other meanings however I dont have all day, its a cute animal thats what mascots are for...'

Perks of joining the school are:

  • Offensive and Ability related proficiency level up twice as fast.
  • Monster drop information can easily be found here
  • Many Ein related random events happen here and push for rank advancement for Ein exploration
  • More may be added

Headmaster perks

  • Heart Chain: Xern marks all students that enter his academy, this mark allows him to monitor every student, read their thoughts, and know where they are at all times.
  • Whispers: Xern can give helpful advice to anyone who is connected to him, his voice reaches them instantly. He can also provide temporary invulnerability to people if he is connected to by heart chain.
  • Slave Driver: Xern will randomly give competent students high level missions that are morally grey, these missions have great exp rewards and can potentially give very large plot pushes and rarely gives ultimate rare and unique items.

more may be added in the future.

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